3 Day 3 Night - Reef and Yongala Liveaboard Trip

From AUD $1,062.00
  • Duration: 69 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Townsville, Queensland
  • Product code: LAB3D3N

Overnight trip to Great Barrier Reef and the Yongala wreck/ room type availability will be confirmed within 48 hours after booking received!

Your trip

Join our experienced crew on the only scheduled Liveaboard departing from Townsville to the central section of the Great Barrier Reef and SS Yongala wreck. The central section is further away from the Queensland coast than the other sections and as a result has some of the best sites of the Great Barrier Reef. Explore these world-class sites and finish off your Liveaboard trip by diving at the SS Yongala, Australia’s best wreck dive. Our Liveaboard is also ECO-certified by Ecotourism Australia!

Your vessel (MV SeaEsta)

The MV SeaEsta is the perfect vessel for your Liveaboard with double, twin and quad-share air-conditioned cabins. It has a large, fully equipped dive deck that provides easy access in and out of water for divers and snorkellers. It also features a BBQ and entertainment deck where you can relax and mingle with your fellow crew/passengers in between dives.

Sites we visit

The central section of the Great Barrier Reef offers some of the best spots for diving and snorkelling. Our experienced crew will select the best sites to visit on the day based on weather conditions.

Peacock Bommie at Davies Reef rises from depths of over 30m up to 5m from the surface. Schools of fusiliers, fairy basslets and snappers explode around you, as larger pelagic fish cruise past. Waft away clouds of glassfish to uncover pipefish, cleaner shrimp, and count the number of coral cod.

Vic’s Patches on Keeper Reef or Fish Bowl offers tantalising swim-throughs that see beams of light revealing delicate nudibranches, camouflaged frogfish, giant puffer fish and wide-eyed cave dwellers peeking up through the dark.

The North Face of Wheeler’s Reef offers an action-packed drift dive for Advanced or training Adventure Divers to cruise at 20m past schools of humphead parrotfish and huge Spanish mackerel, whilst spotting wobbegongs in the sand as the occasional grey reef shark watches on.

SS Yongala has been consistently voted Australia’s number one wreck dive. Be the first divers to descend on the wreck in the morning and witness giant trevallies, bull rays and Queensland gropers. There are also heaps of batfish, cod, bottle-nosed wedgefish and leopard sharks swimming amongs the wreck.

The opportunity to site whales on their annual journey to warmer waters on our Great Barrier Reef tour during whale season. The humpback whales enjoy putting on a show for customers with tail slapping, pectoral fin waves and sometimes - full breaching!! WOW!